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Investment ?? How it works??

Investment leads to growth. Many people think lots of money is needed to invest where, if a person starts saying $150/month at age 25 and earns 8% return by the time they reach age 65, half a million can be accumulated. However, it is to be noted that any investment amount will increase if it is invested and given time to grow. Hence, the golden rule is to invest as soon and as much as possible.

What matters is time in the market rather than timing the market. Investing and staying invested over time is the right way to grow your wealth. Of course, there are up’s and down’s in the market, but looking back, it is clear the market can never remain low forever.

A significant reason is the power of compounding. Over time, you make returns on top of your returns. It is sweet and straightforward money makes more money and the value of your portfolio increases. But time and patience are needed.

Don’t be afraid to invest. Call or email us to know more.

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