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Reasons to consider Whole life Insurance

1) It protects your family and their future: It offers death benefit protection that can keep your family financially secure in case you pass away.

2) It allows you to pursue competitive cash value growth which is not subject to market risk, you borrow against or withdraw before death.

3) It is good investment for retirement and to safeguard your assets.

4) Fixed premiums: So you know how much you have to pay monthly or annually. Which means premium payments will not go up.

5) Early the better: Premiums are less if you start early and benefits are more.

6) Beneficiary: When you buy a policy you’ll choose a life insurance beneficiary to receive the death benefit.

7) Factors that affect your whole life insurance pricing:

a. Age and Gender

b. Past and current health conditions

c. Profession

d. Drinking/smoking habits etc.

e. Dangerous hobbies (such as rock climbing, pilots etc.)

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